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Body Neutral Fitness

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Body neutrality is something that was introduced to me by Bethany at The be.come Project and I could not be more grateful. I always struggled with the leap to self love and all of a sudden being body positive, after so many years of body image issues and picking apart all of my insecurities. It is much easier to shift to being body neutral rather than loving everything about your body. Being body neutral means being comfortable with yourself where you are at; it is not fixating on the cellulite or tummy rolls, but it is also not expecting yourself to love every single thing about your body. Meeting ourselves where we are at, though, is a difficult thing. There is always this drive to keep going and think about what's next and where we are going the next day or the next month, and thinking about future goals. I want to challenge you to sit in this moment right now and think about how you feel RIGHT NOW, not what is for dinner later today, or what is on the work schedule next week - what is going on for you right now?

Incorporating mindful movement into my days is something I have found a tremendous amount of value in, and it is now my outlet. Movement is my time to connect with myself and take some time to come back to where I am at today. Doing the be.come project a few times a week is something I cherish! Bethany's body neutral and size inclusive approach is welcoming and warm. I am able to focus on the moment and I leave my mat feeling strong and empowered. It was through doing the be.come project that I solidified my values in mindful movement and body neutrality, and found my passion in helping others feel strong, empowered, and accepted where they are at.

Finding body neutrality is still work, it wont come immediately and without sitting in some discomfort. I really encourage you to take some time to explore what it means for you to meet yourself where you at. It can be powerful and emotional work but i promise you, its worth it.

the become project
The Be.Come Project

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