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Hi! I'm Sandra, and I'm not your average intuitive eating dietitian.

I don't care about your health {or at least not in the way you think a trained dietitian would}. I believe health exists BEYOND your bloodwork, beyond the barriers diet culture has set for you, beyond morality. I care about you as a WHOLE person. I want you to live life according to YOUR values. Not the obligations that society pushes on you. I care about what YOU care about.


I am WILLING to tussle with your body image; I know that I exist with privilege around body. And I'm prepared for you to hold my feet to the fire. Because I KNOW that food freedom requires trust that your your body may change - and that your body is still good. Regardless of size. Regardless of health. 


I am on a mission to co-collaborate with amazing, driven, fearless Intuitive Eaters looking to embrace their intuition beyond the kitchen & embody their TRUE, empowered being.

Professionally, I'm a Registered Dietitian in BC, Canada, and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor. Personally? I'm a girl who has been through the depths of diet culture, struggled with disordered eating, been at war with my body, and worked hard to eventually find peace with food and my body. The journey was full of bumps and mountains to get over, but when I found my way out of diet culture and into empowerment and food freedom - I knew I wanted to help others do the same. 

During my free time, I'm usually cooking or baking something in the kitchen, cuddling my cat, watching the latest medical drama, or moving my body outside and breathing some fresh air. 

Ok, but what exactly is intuitive eating?

Intuitive Eating is a mind-body approach to health rooted in self-care and compassion. You learn to listen to the internal cues of hunger and fullness to find foods that genuinely make your body feel good. Intuitive Eating is an evidence based, weight neutral, and inclusive approach to health.

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