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My Body Turned into my Home

Over the last, what has it been... probably 5 years that I've been on my Intuitive Eating journey, and doing more intentional work around my body image, I've finally been able to consider my body my home. I feel comfortable with her, I respect her, and I trust her. But this wasn't a transformation that happened overnight.

And this is why I'm writing this today. To talk about the small wins that add up and turn into big transformations when you start to incorporate Intuitive Eating. When you consciously work on your body image, and show up to the journey with an open mind and a commitment to yourself amazing transformations start to happen.

Why Intuitive Eating Will Literally Transform Your Life

The small changes that you're working on every day, those things that feel hard and you feel like you've barely made any progress? Those small changes turn into BIG transformations, and one day you'll recognize how far you've come.

Right now, it might feel like its one step forward, two steps back, but over time your steps will turn into strides. It's important to take time along the way to appreciate the work that you're doing, and take pride in the accomplishments you HAVE made.

What do these transformations actually look like?

  • Ordering the vanilla latte without a second thought.

  • Feeling comfortable going clothes shopping, trying a variety of sizes to find what's most comfortable. Without judgment.

  • Going out to eat and ordering what looks good without thinking about the calories.

  • Looking at more than the salads section of a menu.

  • Not needing to justify your meals.

  • Finishing a dessert without feeling like you need to make up for it.

  • Can keep snack foods in the house.

  • No longer counting calories, macros or points.

  • Having tools other than food to cope with emotions, while also allowing food to be a valid coping mechanism.

  • Not feeling a need to compensate for a meal.

  • Not feeling obligated to do anything related to eating or exercise.

  • Looking in the mirror without body checking.

  • Accepting body changes as a natural part of life.

  • Knowing that discomfort is temporary.

Sounds pretty good, right? These might sound like small things right now, but they add up to FREEDOM. These transformations will give you the skills to listen to your body, the CONFIDENCE to trust your body, and the empowering feeling of knowing that diet culture has no hold over you anymore.

Join my FREE community to dive a bit deeper into Intuitive Eating, with other likeminded people. The Embracing Intuition community is made FOR you - it is a place to connect, share, vent, open up, ask questions, and feel supported in the struggles that exist between diet culture and food freedom.

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