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Live life according to your values, not the obligations that society pushes on you.

Your health exists beyond your bloodwork, beyond the barriers of diet culture, and beyond morality. 

I guide women to become their most empowered self by taking intuitive eating beyond the kitchen.

FREEBIE: Identify your True Values
a worksheet

You have your own values. Your values are separate from those that diet culture has tried to push on you. You deserve to live according to YOUR values, not the ones that diet culture deems 'right'.


  • Are you tired of conforming to society's unrealistic body standards?

  • Do you struggle with societal pressure around food and body image?

  • Are you disconnected from your body and its needs?

  • Do you want a genuine definition of health?

  • Are you still struggling with food despite trying every diet out there?

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Helping women step into empowerment is what makes me excited to get out of bed!

Hi! I'm Sandra, and I've spent years entrenched in diet culture, trying to live according to society's 'health and beauty' standards, and feeling disappointed. Frankly, I got sick of it, I realized that we didn't need to live that way anymore. I now help women identify their true values, develop self-awareness, redefine health in a way that feels good, and ultimately live an empowered life. 

i trust my body, and food is a source of joy in my life


"Sandra is an absolute amazing nutritionist. She has opened my eyes to a whole new world and way of eating and continues to help me break free from the yo-yo dieter I had always been. I now understand my body a whole lot better. I only wish I had met her years ago!"

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