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What Do I Offer?

Intuitive Eating & Food freedom

re-gaining body trust, building self awareness

building a healthy relationship with food and your body

I guide women to become their most empowered self by taking intuitive eating beyond the kitchen. I support individuals in rebuilding their relationship with food, building body trust, and finding sustainable health habits by practicing with a non-dieting approach, a weight neutral and inclusive perspective. Ultimately, you will be left feeling empowered, confident, and strong in your health and nutrition choices, and able to truly enjoy food and live an empowered life!


Guiding women to become their most empowered selves by taking intuitive eating beyond the kitchen.

You will join a group of others in a like minded community and come out of this course with a renewed sense of self, food freedom like you've never had before, and tools to get you through struggles with your relationship with food and your body. 

A 12 week group course with live calls every other week.

The layout:

  • A high level overview of Intuitive Eating

  • Identifying & letting go of societal norms and expectations around food, health, and body image

  • Tuning into your true values and developing self awareness

  • Redefining health

  • Body respect & body image

  • Living an empowered life

Eating Time

Empowered Intuitive Eaters
Group & 1-on-1 Support

The next round of the group program starts Feb 20th!


  • 12 week online group course

  • Live zoom calls every other week

  • Access to the online community

  • Library of resources

  • Q&A with Sandra


x 3 monthly payments


  • Everything in the group course

  • 3 months of individualized support

  • Unlimited online support

  • Bi-weekly 1-on-1 calls (6 x 45 min sessions) 

  • Personalized resources


x 4 monthly payments

Get Started With an Intensive

Not sure where to start? Feeling like the programs are too big of a jump for you right now? Start with a 90 minute one on one intensive with Sandra. Take some time to chat through your struggles, learn about intuitive eating, find out how it might work in your life, and get a good start on moving towards food freedom & empowerment!

75min Intensive: $300


"Sandra is an absolute amazing nutritionist. She has opened my eyes to a whole new world and way of eating and continues to help me break free from the yo-yo dieter I had always been. I now understand my body a whole lot better. I only wish I had met her years ago!"

Embracing Intuition Client

"I am so impressed with Sandra! She has been so great at helping me achieve my goals! Her passion shines beautifully and you can tell she loves what she does. I truly recommend her to anyone trying to increase their health!"

Embracing Intuition Client

"Sandra is an inspiration to me. She is so passionate and dedicated to what she does. She has played a key role in helping me achieve many of my goals and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to expand their health and fitness knowledge and skills."

Embracing Intuition Client

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